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Realizing that it would take a greater commitment to address the needs of the homeless Fight for Humanity was founded 2004 and began serving meals. Through word of mouth, Food on Foot rapidly gained volunteers and financial support. As a result, we are proud not to have missed a weekly meal since our founding.


While the meal program was well received among our hungry clients, we also wondered if there was more we could do to increase food security in the area.


Today our program helps approximately 50 individuals earn meals and food gift cards each week. We also provide them the resources necessary to get the job done - supplies, bus tokens for transportation and phone cards for communication. Most of these individuals are without stable shelter, are actively battling substance abuse or other handicaps, and are not ready for regular employment. But our hope is to gain their trust over time so that we can assist them with their needs, slowly build their confidence so that they can contribute to the community, and prepare them for a transition back into society.


Once individuals participate in our program for approximately two months and demonstrate reliable work habits, these men and women can join a team of workers that clean local shopping centers and other areas during the week in exchange for additional food gift cards. The long-term goal is to find outside job opportunities in the business community for our our program graduates. Fight for Humanity involvement, which can last from a few weeks to a few months depending upon the individual, gives those participating the confidence they so desperately need to become productive members of society again and leave life on the streets.